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Join me in this foundation course on how to use DAZ Studio. It covers everything from 3D concepts, installation, updates, how to use DAZ content, and takes you on your first steps to creating stunning photorealistic images. Think of this as a “3D for Humans” course, both for beginners and medium casuals alike. For more advanced concepts, check out Jay’s 3D Podcast.

DAZ Studio 105: Navigating in 3D Space

In this episode I’ll show you how to navigate your 3D world within the viewport. I’ll explain several ways to do this, and I’ll also show you how to customise the modifier keys for faster navigation using your mouse and keyboard.

In addition, there’s also a fully immersive way to “walk” through your scene using the ASD and W keys. I’m going into more detail on how to navigate like that here or on my View in iTunes Store.

DAZ Studio 104: Updating Content

In this episode I’l explain how we can utilise Install Manager to update both DAZ Studio as well as content if and when updates are available. I will also show you how to update Install Manager itself.

This happened to me today and was not a planned part of the series, but I found it was a good opportunity to demonstrate how to handle updates (since we’ve just been talking about it a few days ago).

DAZ Studio 103: Customising Styles

In this episode I’ll show you how you can customise the interface in DAZ Studio.

I have previously shown you how to select Workspaces and Styles, and now we’ll see how to make the interface your own by changing the colours of the interface. In addition, I’ll elaborate more on the macOS intricacies on moving Tabs in the interface.

Watch the full course here:

DAZ Studio 102: Workspaces, Tabs and Styles

In this episode we’re launching DAZ Studio for the first time after a fresh installation, we’ll fix the database manager, and we’ll learn how to customise the interface.

I will also show you where those important context sensitive menus are hiding.

DAZ Studio 101: Using Install Manager

In this episode I’ll show you how to get started with DAZ Studio, namely by installing it.

To be able to install both DAZ Studio as well as content, and update both those things going forward, the easiest thing to do is use a helper application called Install Manager. I’ll show you how to get it and how to operate it.

Watch the whole course here.

DAZ Studio 100: Introduction to the course

In this course I’ll explain how to use DAZ Studio, a free 3D content manipulation and rendering app. It’s aimed at beginners and medium casuals alike, it explains the foundations of how the software works, and also illustrates how 3D software works in general (sort of a “3D for Humans” approach).

This episode is a quick introduction to the concept, and I’ll talk a little bit about my history with DAZ Studio.

You can watch the whole course in this playlist on YouTube.