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Illustrations, sketches, paintings, renderings and half baked ideas. It’s my online sketch book.

Sketch of Aimee Morakot

I’ve only just started using Sketchbook Pro for iPad and I love it! I’m trying my hand at many retrace and freehand sketches.

This picture of Miss Thailand Universe came up in the popular section on Instagram. I loved the moody shot of a figure and thought this would be a great drawing exercise.

I took a screenshot and sketched it using a Just Mobile Alupen. I drew the outline first with a H2 pencil and then shaded with a soft brush, followed by some eraser cleanup around the edges.

You can see the original picture here or visit Aimee’s website.

Shelf Life, Episode #467 – starring BEN GAY

I discovered Ben on a packet of pain medicine at Walgreen’s. Him and his mate (also called Ben Gay) could have the most amazing conversations I thought.

Then I discovered Halftone which turns photos into stylised images and let’s you add speech bubbles and captions. There are several apps that do this – let’s see if we can turn supermarket products into Comic Book Heros. I’ll call this series Shelf Life.


Harinezumi in my Hand

I wanted to use the original picture as a product shot for my Harinezumi review but I felt it didn’t look quite right.

However this morning I found an app called Pencil vs Camera which turns your pictures into pencil sketches – and it does a really good job at it.

As an added gimmick it let’s you draw onto the image and takes a portion out which is then rendered as a ripped out piece of paper. It also renders as cartoons and half tone sketches, with and without paper tear effect.

Now I love the shot, thanks for the 59p app!

Palm Tree

I shot this on Harinezumi in Miami, it was originally a blurred shot of a Palm Tree in macro mode. It works great as a desktop background (see below).

I took it into Sketchbook Express to have a fiddle and I loved playing with it so much that I decided to upgrade to the Pro version. Since then I’ve also found the smudge tool which I didn’t find on this occasion. Border and colour correction were done in Photoshop Express.

Here’s the original Harinezumi shot without post production:

Every Man, Woman and Child

Ever since I tried Art Acedemy for Nintendo DS I thought wouldn’t it be great to have a tool like that with a bigger screen and more drawing controls? Like the professionals have? Like a Wacom Tablet with a built-in screen?

It appears to have arrived as an app for the iPad – and it’s called SketchBook Pro by Autodesk.

Here’s my first attempt at creating something from scratch with this wonderful app, aptly entitled Ever Man, Woman and Child. I created this over coffee at my local Costa with a Griffin Stylus for £7.99 from The Carefree Whorehouse next door while listening to screaming kids who are able to emit frequencies that could bring entire nations down. Sergeant, hand me the 12 gauge for a second…

I can’t wait to doodle more with on puppy, it’ll be great for the creation of 3D textures, backgrounds and elements for WordPress Themes, logos and headers, comic strips and a whole lot more. How extremely exciting!