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Bayside Textures for Victoria 6 String Bikini – now available at Renderosity


I’m very pleased to say that a texture pack I’ve made for the V6 String Bikini is now available on Renderosity.com! It’s called Bayside Textures, adding 12 beautiful new materials for both DAZ Studio and Poser users (the latter thanks to the DSON Importer).

This is my first ever Renderosity product – and hopefully not the last 😉

Most of the patterns were created in Manga Studio back in 2013, and it took me two years to turn this into a product. As my wife says, better late than never.

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Did I mention my new book?

Lampstack-SoftcoverOver the last few weeks I’ve written a book. It’s about how to run web applications in the comfort of your own home.

Yesterday it went live on Amazon! I have an author page and everything!

Turns out that writing was the easy part: formatting it so that it looks good on Kindle devices was a bit tougher. It’s a tech book after all, which means there are several screenshots and code snippets which need to be formatted to stand out from the rest of the text.

Before I call myself “best selling author”, let me describe how this book came to be.

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Italian Bucca Dress Textures – now available at DAZ 3D


Before the year is out I have some great news: a texture set Julia and I made last year for DAZ 3D has finally been released after 18 months: the Italian Bucca Dress Textures. I can officially call myself a DAZ PA now – a great honour among 3D artists. This is a great incentive to make some more in 2015.

We created about 20 textures for a 3D mesh by Xena, 5 of which were picked up by DAZ and are now sold in their DAZ Originals range. One texture is included with the Italian Bucca Dress, and four are available as an add-on pack. The dress fits all Genesis 2 Female characters.

Our work is included in the following products:

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Promotional artwork courtesy of DAZ 3D.