VIP Scoop

vip-scoopSame concept as above, with focus on Celebrities and “V.I.P News”.

Julia and I wanted to build a celebrtity related site, due to the overwhelming popularity of this subject, and the amount of available RSS Feeds. Not that I really want to know about Ally McBeal’s marriage to Indiana Jones, or how many articles on Jade Goody can be written in an hour (god rest her soul).

The name came about while we were looking for suitable free domain names for the project. All “Celebrity News” variants were taken, so we tried keyword suggestions – they usually never work, but sometimes come up with the funniest renditions. VIP Scoop sounds very cool, and for those not in the know, “scoop” is the new in-word for “inside news”.

It’s hard to believe that VIP Scoop is even more successful than Premier League News, with close to 300 visitors a day and a whopping 356 Twitter followers within 3 weeks. The site went live on the 9th of March, a week after Premier League News. I’m still working on a proper branding, but the fans love it already.

Update: @VIP_Scoop now has a funky logo on Twitter!

Check it out at