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Versluis is a Dutch name, and not as uncommon in Holland as you might think.

I even met others Versluises one the web: Arthur Versluis is an author, and Paul Versluis is a professional photographer from Kansas City.

There’s even Versluis Park somewhere in Michigan I believe. Maybe we should go there and setup a Versluis Meeting one day.

Sluis means “lock” in Dutch (as “water lock”, not “door lock”), which indicates one of our ancestors probably was a canal fetishist of sorts. It’s a closely guarded family secret though, so I wouldn’t be able to comment.

For spam callers, it’s always a challenge to pronounce the name Versluis. I admit I take great pleasure when someone starts with “Can I speak to Mr. [pause] Vsmls… Verrr… Hmpsghjksjk…” –  my response is usually “nah, never heard of him” before hanging up with a mean smile.

Popular misspellings of Versluis name include:

  • Verslius
  • Verlfis
  • Verfluif
  • Ferflus
  • Herr Luis
  • Mr. Lewis
  • Vergluis
  • Verse Luis

and many others. If you can think of a good one, drop me a line or leave a comment below.


10 thoughts on “My Name

  1. Hi..

    I am another Versluis…and the reason I spied your site is my nephew is called Jay…Versluis!!!! My Opa ( grandad) is from Delft,Holland…and links?

    There seems to be a whole world of Versluis in the US…I am London based.

    How funny.

  2. Hello Jay 🙂 Do you know exactly where our family originated? We’ve done research, but all we can come up with is a “Captain Versluis” of the “Zuiderzee” in the region of Zeeland. If you could get back to me soon, that would be amazing for I am looking at making a trip to the Netherlands this summer to visit. Thanks.

    1. Hi Darby,

      I’m not entirely sure I’m afraid – I only joined them when they had already settled in Bremen, Germany. Before then I remember we used to go on family visits every so often to Woerden near Utrecht, but that’s not to say they originated there. Good luck and enjoy the trip 😉

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