I wouldn’t call myself a best-selling author by any means, I have written and collaborated on fully-fledged book projects. Here’s a list of such publications, with links to a page with further information.

Tales of a Super Survivor

My miraculous colon cancer survival story, written over a course of 6 months after the main treatment was over. When I had finished, I sat down an narrated the whole book.

LAMP Stack for Humans

I’ve described how to turn an ordinary laptop on your local network into a Linux based web server so you can run WordPress and other web applications in the comfort of your own home.

Flicker World (narration)

I’ve had the pleasure to narrate Brian Cramer’s humorous sci-fi novel about inter-dimensional travel and the simulation hypothesis.

What The Luck (narration)

I’ve narrated Brian Cramer’s funny travelogue about a Texan in Japan, who find himself in possession of a mysterious ability to control his own and other people’s luck.