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Aside from the latest articles on my Blog Feed, there’s a lot of content buried on this domain. Usually Google does a great job at bringing in visitors to the right article, but if you’d like to explore past content with a more focussed approach, here’s how to do it:

  • take a look at the top menu for sections of categories, filtered by topic
  • each page will present you with either a long list or articles, or headlines with teaser content
  • for videos, there’s a playlist embedded in each page
  • if there’s something you can’t find from the menu, use the search option

Note that I have several other websites for different content, so what you’re looking for might be on any of those (more to explore – yey!):

Deep Archives

I’ve registered this domain in 1998, about a year after I had started building my first project on the web using the generous 2MB of free space CompuServe were providing. I had several hard-coded projects at first, of which no record exists anymore. In 2006 I’ve discovered WordPress, and it changed the way I keep running this site with more casual and frequent updates from several devices. WordPress has been running on this domain ever since.

Over time, this site has taken on many responsibilities it no longer has today. My focus has shifted countless times, and the way we interact with the web is a fluid state of change. Feel free to explore any of these tags and discover past content from decades ago. Each one may present a somewhat unrelated list of posts with teaser content, as well as a navigation option at the bottom to go “even further back”.

35mm (32) Adventures in Black and White (90) Adventures in Black and White (74) Animation (39) black and white (77) Blender 2.79 (75) clothes (69) clothing (60) color (60) colour (60) Crisp Packets (44) Delta (35) Delta 3200 (39) Epson (207) fashion (69) fashion dummy (60) Fashion Victims (74) Freshly Shot (238) Golden Half (48) Hammersmith (35) holga (175) Holga 120 (72) holga 135bc (56) Ilford (94) Ilfotec HC (47) live (40) Live from Miami Beach (35) london (238) mannequin (69) miami (43) mobile phone (32) mobile phone picture (39) mobile upload (39) PerfectionV700 (207) Photography (52) Photoshop (47) polaroid (45) Premiere Pro (33) Spinner (32) Spinner 360 (32) summer (96) UK (87) Warholised (56) Winter (47) ZBrush (37)

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Phoebe and Nicola with The Flashlight of Answers (ca. 2009)