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Discovered in 2019

Where does the time go? It felt like only yesterday that I’ve started my “discoveries” category, and with it the idea that I’d like to paste useful links into a place that would make it easy for me to find them. Turns out I’ve been actioning such findings in different ways, and it also goes to show how little time I spend with important ventures like this.

So perhaps then, as another way of utilising this idea, I’ll have an annual post with important discoveries, or one whenever I feel like I’m running out of tabs in my various browsers. I might even add to this post once it’s published so I won’t clutter up my website with Discoveries alone.

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Discovered in December 2018

I’m a big fan of Anders Enger Jensen. He’s a retro composer from Norway, I’m proud to support him on Patreon, and I love using his music for incidental underlays and many other video projects (with his very kind permission of course). His latest compilation album is available on Sportif – check it out and …

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Discovered in November 2018

More like a re-discovery, Yellowjacket’s 1992 live album entitled LIVE WIRES is a timeless classic. I remember when my friend Oliver bought the CD back in the early nineties. It was like dynamite in our Walkmen.  Except for a couple of inevitable duff songs that seem to find their way into the best album, 7 …

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Discovered in October 2018

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Julie Rothenberg MS, RD, LDN (@julienergynutrition) I found this post by my wonderful nutritionist Julie Rothenberg in Instagram this month. It struck a chord in me about awareness and helped me through a day on which I felt angry and aggravated. I really didn’t want to …

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Discovered in September 2018

It’s been a fun-packed month full of exciting discoveries – on and off the web. Let’s take a look at what I’ve found over the last four weeks.


I was taking a late night walk after some heavy screen casting for those DAZ Studio videos, when I wandered by one of those restaurants South of Fifth in our neighbourhood (one that changes owners every 6 months or so). They were playing something that sounded almost live, and it immediately peaked may curiosity.

It was a cover version of the old Rod Stewart song “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”, in a Jazz Combo style – much like Paul Anka did on his 2005 album Rock Swings. The voice of the woman singing was remarkable, something of a mixture of Diana Krall and Sarah Vaughan. 

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Discovered in August 2018

Peter Mt. Shasta’s “Apprentice to the Masters”, part 2 of his autobiography (don’t judge it by its cover). Jerry Hyde’s new Book of Sin Tech Findings How to use Blending Modes in Premiere Pro How to use Handbrake to encode with lossless quality  iPhone Footage is out of sync when imported into Premiere Pro, as …

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Discovered in July 2018

Self Publishing Related  Understanding and Working with Print Signatures Why does Storyist add blank pages to Blurb Templates How to avoid KDP File Errors with Blurb Templates from Storyist How to advertise KDP Books Wide Publication with Draft2Digital N. J. Notjohn’s Self-Publishing Guide KDP Manuscript Formatting Guide (includes page count limits and trim sizes) Overview …

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Discovered in June 2018

WordPress Dev Links WordPress Post Transition Hooks wp_update_post() Function Reference Debugging WordPress Publishing a post on a future date automatically Changing the time and date of new posts  PHP Links How to convert strings to Date and DateTime in PHP PHP DateTime Class Reference  Miscellaneous very good solution for the original Rubik’s Cube very good …

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Discovered in May 2018

Miscellaneous Discoveries

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Discovered in April 2018

Commodore Discoveries A fan of my Commodore teachings, Stein-Ove Bratthammer, has a nice G+ page with some interesting BASIC programmes. TheDuckSun has built himself a remastered version of the Commodore 128 There’s a whole (under construction) website for the project too: Forum user Unseen has an interesting signature in the this forum post. I reverse-engineered it …

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Discovered in April 2018

When I do research, I come across a plethora of interesting links on the internet. I always tell myself, “I really must remember this link”, but then I never write them down or add them to my bookmarks (believe, I’ve tried that once – only to find that my bookmarks were overflowing to a point …

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