Discovered in April 2018

When I do research, I come across a plethora of interesting links on the internet. I always tell myself, “I really must remember this link”, but then I never write them down or add them to my bookmarks (believe, I’ve tried that once – only to find that my bookmarks were overflowing to a point in which I could no longer find what was really important).

Then I came across a blog whose owner simply compiled a monthly “link dump” to paste anything he deemed interesting. I thought, what a cool idea is that, perhaps this could work for me and any discoveries too.

In the past I once had a category on my other website just for links, and when there is something I’d rather not forget I tend to add it to my Twitter feed – but the trouble with those things is that I don’t do this with enough regularity for me to remember it as a notebook of where things are. A new category for discoveries seems to be right up my alley.

So here it is, the first instalment of interesting links I’ve discovered over the last 30 days (with omissions of course, because I’ve forgotten most of them already):

  • David Viner’s PRG to clear text converter for Commodore BASIC programmes (written in PHP)
  • What’s New in Plesk Onyx 17.8
  • IDEA Instructions – a collection of IKEA-style comics that explain principles of computer science (such as Quick Sort). They even come with a template to create your own!

To be continued – thank god for the shared history feature in Safari!

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