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Melvin and me at MTV

Here’s a crazy long list of literally every post I’ve ever made on this site. I have no idea why this would be helpful, and it puts a huge strain on the server. What was I thinking? It’s more like an experiment that shows me (and you) the unbelievable amount of work I’ve invested into this project – not to mention my other websites. Full word count and stats are included below.

I’ve explained a more manageable way of exploring past content here.

Annual Summary

I've written a total of 1585 articles for this site and counting!
Here's a list of how many articles I've written per year:

Every article ever (on this site)

In all these 1585 articles, I've written a whopping 522,760 words on this site alone, not including the 50,591 that I've written as comments in response to my readers.

Combined that's a staggering 573,351 words!
By comparison, an average paperback contains about 50,000 words.