Panorama Shoot-Out – Part 1: Introduction

We’re going to Miami Beach in July to finish working on the Miami Beach Huts project – I can’t wait!

I thought it would be fun to shoot some wonky panoramas on medium format while we’re there, some of the Beach Huts, and plenty of others in the brilliant Sunshine State sun.

But wait a minute…

Nobody can afford a 617 camera like Peter Lik uses, nor the film that belongs in it. I favour a lower cost approach with much higher wackiness factor: I’m going to shoot panoramas like the Supersampler. My panoramas are going to look like this:

[singlepic id=294 w=580 h= float=]

Over the course of this series I’ll have a closer look into the pitfalls of all that’s involved, and see which camera to take on the trip.

Our contestants are 5 strong lomographic 120 plastic cameras are in the race, as well as a variety of expired film I’ve picked up at my local shop.

I’m developing all rolls and formats myself, and I’ll have to scan them in afterwards. Digital Photography can appear on the site a few seconds after I’ve pressed the shutter, but with this project a lot more time and effort is involved.

Looking forward to the results? So do I! Burning question I want to answer in this contest are:

  • Which camera is the best for wacky panoramas?
  • Which film shall I use – Tranny or Color Neg?
  • And which Tranny or Color Neg am I going to use?
  • Does it really make a difference to shoot on fresh film, or stick with cheap-o-sucker expired material?
  • Shall  use E6 or C-41 for processing?
  • Is cross processing an option, and if so which film goes into which bath?

All will be revealed over the next few weeks – stay tuned 😉

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