Watch and join the chat on any of these platforms:

  • Mixer (lowest latency – you need a Microsoft Account)
  • YouTube (you need your Google ID)
  • Twitch (you need a Twitch ID; if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can link those accounts and get Twitch Prime for free)

I stream to multiple services simultaneously, including Facebook, Periscope, DLive, and Picarto, however there’s no chat relay from these platforms. While you can watch on those, I won’t be able to see what you’re saying.

We also have a vibrant Discord community to supplement the live chats during the week. This is another way to stay in touch and get support.

Current Schedule

I try to do 3 live streams every week, covering a variety of topics. Here’s what’s on right now:

3D Shenanigans (Fridays @ 4pm EST)

An off-the-cuff chat about 3D apps like DAZ Studio, Blender, Marvelous Designer and Photoshop. I usually present a topic and show how to build a scene or an animation, often involving more than one application. It’s about 3D tips and workflow. My Patreon Supporters get access to the scene files I create so you can examine every value and slider at your own leisure.

Jay plays SUBNAUTICA (Saturdays @ 4pm EST)

I’ll be your tour guide on Planet 4546B, where our space ship has crash landed and we somehow have to figure out how to get off this rock. It’s less about the video game more about spending time together as a group. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics, from render settings to nutrition and literally everything in between.

The Mixer Monday Test (Mondays @ 4pm)

This is my weekly test stream, in which I try out something new every week. Could be a new game, could be a new streaming setup, a new video overlay, or a new chatbot. It’s the “beta stream” before any potential successes go into one of the other streams. Beware: things could go wrong at any moment.

Right now we’re playing OBDUCTION, and the test for me is that I’ve never played that game before, so I rely on us as a group to solve the puzzles in this game. Before that we played PORTAL.

Uploads and Spontaneous Sessions

I also upload edited videos on a completely random schedule whenever I find the time. I may even do spontaneous live streams on occasions, such as LIVE from My Desk or the classic platformer VOODOO VINCE.

Watch the social feeds for notifications to jump aboard, or check out my Watch Page for past uploads, dating back 10 years and counting.