Live Streams

Since 2019 I’ve been doing regular live streams across various platforms. I’ve discovered it as a wonderful way to stay in touch, experiment and create good content at the same time. It’s very “here and now”, and most of them disappear after a few weeks so they don’t clutter up the channel. If something is worth keeping, I split it out into smaller clips.

Currently I stream regularly every Saturday and Sunday on YouTube. Here’s a selection of local start times:

  • 10am EST (New York)
  • 3pm UK (London)
  • 4pm Europe (Berlin)
  • 10pm Singapore
  • midnight in Australia (Sydney)

I do a little bit of everything, from playing video games, to 3D working sessions, or questions I get during the week – it really depends on what the moment feels like. I try to keep a list of unlisted past streams around too, but it’s not quite ready yet. YouTube playlists are a mess, so I’ve made a start on past game streams over on my other website.

Latest 3D Stream

Latest Game Stream