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I’m Jay Versluis, and I do a whole bunch of stuff on the internet. This site is an attempt to bring my projects closer together, and to make a note of things I don’t want to forget. You know, tips about 3D apps, creative software, video editing, inspiration, and some personal ramblings too.

I also make videos about software on a variety of subjects, from quick tips to full courses. Take a look at the top menu for an overview.

I like web development, video games and a bit of coding too, but I have a whole other website for that.

I’m a Super Survivor

In 2016 I nearly died from a complicated case of colon cancer. I’ve spent several years going through treatment hell and have survived against all odds. Thanks to a crack team of doctors, and a new treatment called immunotherapy I made a truly miraculous recovery.

My doctors call me a Super Survivor. In fact, my case and my story were so impressive that I’ve written this book about it. I have a separate website about this topic, complete with post-treatment diary.

If you’re interested in that part of my life, check out the quick facts here, or visit my other website: supersurvivor.tv.

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What else do I do

I'm a broadcast professional by trade, with a background in film and video engineering. I've had various jobs in film and live television for 20 years, ranging from telecine colourist to editor, tape jockey and satellite feed coordinator. I'm essentially "the guy who makes things happen" behind the scenes.

Reputable clients include the BBC, MTV, IMG, CNN, Cartoon Network, Reuters, NHK and many other companies that no longer exist.
Fun fact: Although I'm not at all into football (soccer), I helped bring the English Premiere League to over 2bn+ viewers worldwide every weekend for over a decade.

I'm also a loving husband of 20 years and counting! Julia and I met through a BBC job at the dawn of the millennium in a club-come-TV-studio at the Swiss Centre in London. We got married in Las Vegas in 2004 and haven't looked back. Julia has been with me through my whole cancer journey every step of the way. I couldn't have done it all without her love and support.

These days we both work from home, spending quality time while learning new 3D techniques, sharing knowledge about software and enjoying every minute life has to offer. I'm glad I can take you all with me on this journey, make you smile or perhaps inspire you along the way.

Let's stay in touch!

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I no longer maintain a public email or contact form. The spam just got too much. If you want to get in touch, DM me on any of the social networks or leave a comment on an article (preferable on topic).

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