What The Luck?

I’ve had the pleasure to narrate Brian Cramer’s mystery travelogue WHAT THE LUCK. We’re both very excited that the production is now available as an Audio Book. Here’s a sample for y’all’s listening pleasure:

What The Luck – Audio Sample

Here are regional links to the Audible Version:

You can also get it as Kindle or Paperback here:

You can even read a sample right here:

About the book

Bill Brabham, a recently divorced and unemployed financial manager from Texas, is a man down on his luck. With nothing left to lose except possibly a few years of his life, he takes a high-risk, high-reward job cleaning up at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

While in Japan, his luck drastically changes, and everything starts to go right for him. Unfortunately, his new-found luck seems to be coming at the expense of those around him. His investigation into this phenomenon puts him in the middle of a dangerous criminal conspiracy where he must contend with everything from the Yakuza to a sassy teenage girl with a penchant for role-playing.

Find out more bout Brian’s work on his website https://briancramerbooks.com