Every Man, Woman and Child

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Ever since I tried Art Acedemy for Nintendo DS I thought wouldn’t it be great to have a tool like that with a bigger screen and more drawing controls? Like the professionals have? Like a Wacom Tablet with a built-in screen?

It appears to have arrived as an app for the iPad – and it’s called SketchBook Pro by Autodesk.

Here’s my first attempt at creating something from scratch with this wonderful app, aptly entitled Ever Man, Woman and Child. I created this over coffee at my local Costa with a Griffin Stylus for £7.99 from The Carefree Whorehouse next door while listening to screaming kids who are able to emit frequencies that could bring entire nations down. Sergeant, hand me the 12 gauge for a second…

I can’t wait to doodle more with on puppy, it’ll be great for the creation of 3D textures, backgrounds and elements for WordPress Themes, logos and headers, comic strips and a whole lot more. How extremely exciting!

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