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White Collar Sketches

Every once in a while I get grabbed by a major TV show – either because of stunning visuals and/or good storytelling. A few years ago we started watching White Collar, and even though it took a bit of getting used to, Julia and I are hooked.

The other day we’ve finished watching Season 5 on iTunes, and if you believe the internet there’s a final 6th Season being shot in New York right now – with only 6 episodes. In the UK we’d call that a “full length season” and drag it out over the course of two years – but in the US television landscape six episodes is rather unheard of.

I haven’t done much drawing over the last few weeks in favour of iOS hacking and exploring vintage computers – so I thought the timing is perfect to turn the inspiration from all those stunning visuals and riveting storytelling in White Collar into a project:

The White Collar Sketches


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Zen Brush Sketch: Spike

I’ve done done some more drawing exercises and came up with this little character: Spike (due do this hair style). I’ve started him in Manga Studio and can’t stop drawing him now. Julia says he always looks like he’s in trouble (I’m still working on the happier expressions). This sketch was done in Zen Brush …

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It’s a Kodak World – Welcome!

I’ve finished another sketch in Manga Studio, still trying to come to grips with it. This time I’ve used my trusty old Wacom Bamboo tablet. It’s handles just as nice as my Intuos 4. Doug TenNapel was right: the hardware doesn’t really matter that much (even though I love my Intuos). Thats great news as …

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Freehand Sketch

I’ve tried out two new apps here: the first one is Procreate, a drawing app for iPad. It’s up there with SketchBook Pro and Brushes (which I haven’t tried yet). Procreate is a very nice and fairly simple drawing programme with high-res canvases and unlimited undo functions. It has a very cool smudge tool and …

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