Concept: Leaving Hollywood

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I’ve just watched some “celebrity special” here at work. My colleague Marc had to do a dubbing job, and somehow his programme ended up on my monitor. It was funky stuff about “celebrities” and “how to get there”.

While watching it, I had this idea for two stories:

The first one is about a character who’ – fuelled by reeality TV and the relationship TV addicts have formed with celebrities – went to Hollywood to “make it big”. But that’s a few years ago, and the story is about his realisation of “it’s never going to happen, and it’s time to give up”.

In “Leaving Hollywood” (nice title) he realises that happiness can’t be found on camera, so he goes and finds it elsewhere. The story is not about him >>coming to<< Hollywood, like many other progammes show it, but him finding this system isn’t worth pursuing.


The other idea…

I forgot. Darn! It was all so clear just a few minutes ago, before the netx programme came on, about Celebrity Stalkers. Should’t have watched it and should have typed quicker…

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