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We’ve been published in Schmap Guide Miami

I’m delighted to annouce that both Julia and I have been published in the 9th edition of the Schmap Guide Miami – go check it out here: Many thanks to Emma J. Williams from Schmap, who came across our images of the Miami Design District on Flickr. As flattered as I am, there’s no …

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Concept: Cigarette Machines

Style: Social Documentary with community input. Topic: Outdoor Cigarette Machines in Germany, possibly other European countries Synopsis: Although smokers are just as much frowned upon in Germany as they are here, one thing remains commonplace ever since the seventies, almost on every street corner: Cigarette Machines Even the tiniest little cul-de-sac back alley in Germany …

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Concept: Fashion Victims

Style Portraits / Street Photography Number of Images loads – this could become an ongoing project with communty input Synopsis We went down to Camden Market this weekend, and although I’ve been there every day this week for lunch, I’ve never taken the time to explore the stables until yesterday. So much wacky and off-the-wall …

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