YouTube has invited me to make some cash… but it’s a gamble!

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Here’s a funny one…

I made this video on Xbox drive noise over a year ago. It has now had 55.000 views and 129 ratings on YouTube. Out of a sudden YouTube are inviting me to cash in on it.

It means that they’re eager to display adverts in the video and on the page. I can apply for this particular video only, and it won’t affect any of my other 130 videos in my account.

But here’s the snag:

if YouTube REJECT my application, the video and all its 462 comments video responses will be DELETED forever! It means that all my loyal fans will lose out on a smashing exposure on how bad Micro$oft and their rotten console is. It’s a bit like being in Vegas at the roulette table!

The sign-up tutorial is very nice and straightforward, and it outlines the copyright pitfalls one can get caught out by. In my case, it’s the inclusion of the Xbox 360 logo at the beginning and the end of the clip. I could argue it’s fair usage… but now that there’s money involved, bureaucrats may get a bit funny.

So what shall I do? Gamble and put everything on red, but risk losing it all? Or become a gazillionaire over the next 12 months?

Have your say below – and enjoy the video 😉

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2 thoughts on “YouTube has invited me to make some cash… but it’s a gamble!”

    • I like your thinking, Leah!

      I didn’t know that was possible to copy videos within YouTube, I’ll check that. Since I’ve posted this article, the video has hit 60.000+ views, would be nice to see how much that equates to in advertising money. Should the original video be deleted though, the downside would be that I’d lose all the comments and ratings people have given me. Maybe I should take that chance after all 😉

      Thanks for the advice!


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