How to disable Brush Cursor Ghosting in Hexagon

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Hexagon has some nice sculpting tools built-in, but it’s impossible to see how they perform out of the box due to the brush preview that seems to get drawn hundreds of times in the process, obscuring our object (see above). Thankfully there’s an easy trick to disable this under

  • Edit – Preference Editor
  • 3D Display – Advanced
  • disable Local Redraw

Now you can use the inflate, soften, pinch and other paint tools without the annoying cursor ghosting. Thanks to Wee Dangerous John for this tip!

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3 thoughts on “How to disable Brush Cursor Ghosting in Hexagon”

  1. Hi Jay.
    I’m sort of avoiding Gen 9 at the moment, so if you are going to show those Gen 9 to Gen 8 conversions you mentioned it’d be great!!


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