Full Screen Video Preview in Premiere Pro

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I found out a couple of neat full-screen tips in Premiere Pro. One will remove the status bar at the top, the other one will make the editor window temporarily full screen. It works great, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these gems before.

Remove the Status Bar in Premiere Pro

Press CTRL + \ (Backslash) to put the application full screen, without a status bar. Press it again to bring back the status bar. The Backslash Key is next to the square brackets on a US keyboard.

Full Screen Video Preview

I wanted to use this feature so many times: quickly make the editor preview full screen while I’m viewing an edit, or even while I’m editing. To make it happen, press CTRL + ` (Backtick). This key is at the top left of your keyboard, just underneath the ESCAPE key. In the US it has the tilde symbol on it.

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