When Microsoft asks, “Was this information useful”

Here’s a funny one…

I switched on my laptop this morning, just like every other day, and after a few seconds a blue screen of death appers. It tells me there was a problem, Windows is being shut down, a memory dump is being made, and the computer would be restarted very shortly. OK then. Whatever. Just come back alive I pray.

And it does, as if nothing has happened. However a friendly window pops up that says “Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. Would you like to notify Microsoft about this problem and check for a solution?” Well sure, why not. So I click YES.

After a few seconds of online-checking, the MS KNowledgebase comes back with the best standup routine ever:

This problem was caused by Windows Vista, which is made by Microsoft.
Was this information useful?

Er… you be the judge of that, Microsoft… my guess is: NO

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