Creating a direct shortcut for CLIP Studio Paint

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By default, Celsys let you launch the CLIP Studio app, which is sort of a launcher app to manage your services with them. In there is an option to launch CLIP Studio Paint, but some of us prefer a one-click solution to the actual painting app. Thankfully that’s doable, you just need to know where to look and do a bit of manual work.

On Windows

On Windows, open an Explorer window and navigate to Program Files – CELSYS – CLIP STUDIO 1.5 – CLIP STUDIO PAINT and find CLIPStudioPaint.exe. Right-click on it and choose either

  • Pin to Start
  • or Create Shortcut (on Desktop)
  • Windows 11 users need to select “more options” to bring these entries up

Don’t worry if you’re on version 2 or perhaps 3 by the time you’re reading this, as far as I know the 1.5 folder has not been renamed to reflect newer versions.

With our new shortcut in place, we can now launch CLIP Studio Paint immediately without the launcher app.

On Mac

I haven’t had a chance how to do this on the Mac, but I’ll update this article when I install it. Watch this space!

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