Pub and Poles

Pub and Poles

shot in Hammersmith on Ilford Delta 3200, slightly fogged somewhere along the line.
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2 thoughts on “Pub and Poles

  1. Nice shot. I like the way Ilford 3200 turns out grainy. I shot my first roll recently and was pleased with the effects. I thought it would lighten my dark photos, but not as much as I thought.

  2. Thanks Michael!

    I had never used Ilford Delta 3200 before, but I’m a big HP5 fan. From what I understand, the difference is the grain structure. HP5 has round grain (like Kodak Tri-X), whereas Delta has the new tab-structure (like Kodak T-Max).

    Tab-structure crystals are flat and reduce the grain, especially at higher speeds. If you’re after harsher grain, I reccomend HP5.

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