New Idea: Bringing back the Answer Phone

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My friend sent me an audio message the other day using Quick Voice. Don’t we all miss the old “coming home to check the answer phone” days? One thing that has always fascinated me was the excitement that you didn’t know if there was a message or not.

Since retro is the new black, I thought maybe we could build an application around that old feeling. Check out Quick Voice and Audio Postcard here : iPhone Voice Recorder and Voice Recording Software for Windows and Mac OS X

Then let’s think of a plugin that makes the sound quality “bad” (like analogue hiss with the odd crackle and pop), and use a flash video of a spinning reel-to-reel tape machine.

We could have a site that stores all messages on a server – so log in and hear what people have left you. Make it mobile phone compatibel, and give people the option to attach a phone number and skype-in.

Cool for longer stuff like teleclasses!

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