Booking an Audio Session: Wicked Wicked Creative!

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This is my absolute favourite YouTube Clip of the year: Booking an Audio Session. Anyone working in the broadcast industry will appreciate the bitter truth here. It describes some of the clients we have to deal with to a T!

Not only do I appreciate how funny this clip is, I am also excited about how it was created: using Xtra Normal’s Text-To-Movie technology. Type some text, choose your actors, and these will be animated as per your requirements – all of it happens online, without the need to download software to your computer (although if you’d like more functionality, you can of course do just that).

I’ve not had the time to create my own movies with this tool, but I can’t wait til I get some spare time on my hands to try it.

Enjoy the clip by “variousartists”, then head over to and make some magic.

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