How to use SOUL REFLECTIONS for DAZ Studio

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In this episode I’ll show you how to use my new lighting product SOUL REFLECTIONS – Vol. 1. I’ve had so much fun exploring the eye reflections I’ve explained in my previous two videos, importing several interesting shapes and turning them into reflective surfaces.

SOUL REFLECTIONS is the result of my endeavours. I’ve compiled presets for close-up, medium and wide shots with appropriately patented light emitting shapes, matched with varying intensities for each shot and shape to get you started quickly. All you need to do is load and pose your character, pick a shape and shot, switch to the new camera, frame up your image and hit render.

SOUL REFLECTIONS – Vol. 1 is available from Renderosity:

You can also get it as a FREEBIE if you support me on Patreon (all tiers):

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