How to reset User Preferences in Premiere Pro

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Premiere-LogoThe other day my copy of Adobe Premiere Pro started exhibiting strange behaviour: new projects opened with four timelines (three of which were always empty), audio never made it to the target track (only ever to track 6) – so I thought, perhaps I’ll reset my preferences.

But how do we do that in Premiere? I was frantically looking for an option in the app but sadly to no avail. A quick search on the internet brought the solution to my troubled (4 year old) Premiere installation which has never let me down before.

It’s really easy actually:

Start Premiere Pro with ALT+SHIFT held down (on Windows), or OPT+SHIFT held down (on Mac). 

Worked a treat, and Premiere is its old self again. Just in case this doesn’t work, the preferences are saved i the following locations:

  • on Windows: <drive>\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro
  • on Mac OS X: <drive>/Users/<username>Library/Preferences/com.adobe.AdobePremierePro.plist

Taken straight from Adobe’s Help Pages:

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