Fixed: Trouble painting Foliage in Unreal Engine with an XP Pen Display

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I’ve recently bought an XP Pen Artist Pro 27″ and absolutely love it. It’s replaced my aging Wacom Intuos 4 from over 10 years ago and doubles as my Desktop’s main display. Most apps (aside from Blender) work out of the box, and changing what the pen needs to do works well with the included XP Pen driver app (v 3.4.13 at the time of writing).

Sadly I had some trouble painting foliage elements in Unreal Engine. Imagine drawing in grass with a single stroke. This works fine with the mouse, as well as my Wacom tablet, but when I do it with the XP Pen, all I get is a single island. When I drag the pen, no further foliage is drawn.

I thought at first this was related to the Windows Ink habit of drawing that circle thing for a right-click emulation, but I’ve swiftly disabled it without curing the issue. I have an article on my other website about doing this, in case you want to switch it off.

Turns out the problem is that the XP Pen driver assumes we want to double-left click with the pen tip, which is not what we want in Unreal Engine. Switching this to a regular Left Click solved the issue (after I did it a couple of times).

To set this up, open the XP Pen app and change into the Pen Settings section. Now Add a new application to the top menu and choose the UnrealEditor.exe application as path. Next, switch from the default to customize and choose Left click. That’s it! You may have to restart Unreal Engine for the changes to kick in properly, or at least switch out of and into Foliage Mode again.

Now I can paint foliage with my XP Pen like I can with my mouse and my Wacom. On this note, the Wacom had issues with the Windows circle thing, so disabling it made it work fine in Unreal Engine.

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