Recycled: ÜGEHOLM returns!

Every now and again, I feel the need to connect with my mother language and say things I can only say in German (usually in a very dark and sarcastic, yet very perosnal manner). It’s fun to read though, and a completely different writing personality from what I would write in English. Hence I’ve built a new outlet for this personality, a site called GESELLSCHAFTSKRITIK (translates into “Social Cristsicm”).

Over 10 years after self-publishing my book “STERBEN SIE JETZT” (which translates into “DIE TODAY”), I have decided to re-run some of my stories from back in the days. It was long before blogging became hip/possible/easy, yet all the content from my books and more was featured on my website. I used to be with Compuserve since I bought my first 19.2 Dr Neuhaus Modem (together with my colleague Andre Grossmann when we worked together at Studio Hamburg).

The internet wasn’t what it is today, and I remember my ULR was (we’re talking 1995 here) – and there was of course no way to add a domain. Hell, buying a domain in those days was difficult and expensive, if at all possible. I was given a generous 2MB of web space, I’m not sure if FTP clients existed or the Open Source movement, but somehow I managed to put some stuff together and enjoyed writing about what I disliked most about my life. I bought later in 1997, and it wasn’t easy to marry this up with a generic hosting package. We’re truly living blissful times.

Some of my material is timeless, so every Monday there will be a re-run of old material GESELLSCHAFTSKRITIK.

To jump start the series, my myterious masterminded and highly sarcastic detective Sam Ügeholm will return – and die at the end of every episode, long before South Park made a lot of money with that idea. Enjoy, if you speak German.

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