Nick from TX

Nick from TX

Nick loves football, especially watching it 12 hours a day without leaving a 4 square foot room with no windows. Wouldn’t everybody?

Nick works with us in MCR on PLTV, a rolling content channel brought to you by IMG.

This was the first ever picture I took on the Black Frame material. We had meticulously setup the shot, the light looked goo, but when I pressed the shutter I realised the cartridge was emtpy. So technically this is Take 2 😉

Shot on my Golden Polaroid SX 70, using Impossible PX 600.

About Jay Versluis

Jay is a medical miracle known as Super Survivor. He runs two YouTube channels, five websites and several podcast feeds. To see what else he's up to, and to support him on his mission to make the world a better place, check out his Patreon Campaign.

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