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Percolated Purple Holga

I was showing Dave how the Percolator App on his new iPad works. This came out rather by accident, I love it. Thanks, Percolator 😉

Blue Bush


On my way to work I discovered this extremely blue bush on Devonshire Road – it looks amazing with a bit of sunshine on it. I never knew plants could be so blue.

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Cocktails and Dinners

We had breakfast at The Eleventh Street Diner and sat net to this neon sign. It’s on even during the Day and the congrats intrigued me. Shot on Hipstamatic using Kodot Xgrizzled and MattyALN lens. Here’s the shot with a normal camera:

The Sky over Kissimmee

I shot this just before the sun was setting. Hipstamatic has this feature where you shake the iPhone and it’ll randomise the lens / film combination – this was one such occasion. Luckily it remembers said settings for later retrieval. In this case it used the John S lens with Pistil film.

Mobile Posting is back – live from Miami Beach

I used to enjoy posting pictures from my mobile devices, and I’m not afraid to admit that I was very sad when this feature stopped working. One day – as if by magic – I could no longer upload pictures from anything mobile to this site. Well those days are finally over and I’m extremely …

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Happy Halloween

Julia carved this wonderful pumpkin – it looks amazing! In the evening we were contemplating a tea light on the inside but decided the back light from a bicycle would be much nicer (and won’t burn the pumpkin). Since it was so late in the day I decided to take a long exposure with one …

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More Zenbrush Sketches

This sketch started out as a face but ended up being a chicken instead. Then I moved on to faces. The last one reminds me of Zoidberg from Futurama.

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Woody with Sprockets

Here’s a picture of Woody with his pink scarf. We discovered the Urbian Retro Cam app yesterday – I particularly love the sprockets it puts in the picture, you get this when you shoot in Pinhole mode.