Happy Halloween

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Julia carved this wonderful pumpkin – it looks amazing! In the evening we were contemplating a tea light on the inside but decided the back light from a bicycle would be much nicer (and won’t burn the pumpkin).

Since it was so late in the day I decided to take a long exposure with one of my new Polaroid SX 70 cameras on a tripod – this one was about 10 seconds. Shot on Impossible PX 70 film.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

    • Hi Scott,

      I know what you mean – many of my first results did not look impressive with the PX 70, but those were the first batches of film they brought out. Impossible have improved their latest materials – especially the 680 PX which is a pleasure to shoot. I got the same results as you describe with PX 70 First Flush and PX 70 PUSH. I couldn’t quite believe it was actually colour film it looked so bad, and that’s very disappointing for film with such a price tag.

      With the latest PX 70 or the PX 680 First Flush I recommend turning the lighten/darken wheel to dark, and of course shield the picture from light. I usually put picture sin my trouser or jacket pocket so they’re cosy and dark. Leaving them in colder conditions makes your pictures less contrasty and bluer. warmer conditions makes them warmer. The colour films take about 10-15 minutes to develop completely, don’t get disappointed if the picture is still dark and blue after 5 minutes. In fact, some say they take a full 24 hours to yield the final result and keep changing over that period.

      Hope this helps 😉


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