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How to remove iOS 7 Photo Effects

iOS 7 has a nice feature which allows you to apply digital effects to your pictures taken with the standard camera app. I guess the popularity of apps like Hipstamatic and our desire of wanting images that are not perfect have found their way right into the operating system.

I really like the option, but sometimes I find pictures I’ve taken and think “darn… I wish I had taken this without that filter”. Seemingly there’s no way to remove it after the fact.

Thankfully though, iOS applies those effects non-destructively – just like iPhoto applies effects. And with iPhoto, we can remove anything that the Camera App has applied. Let me take you through this.

I’m using iPhoto for Mac 9.5.1 on Mavericks here, but the principle applies to iPhoto for iOS as well. This is a picture in iPhoto with an effect applied, transferred automatically via Photo Stream. Trust me when I say the sky was indeed blue that day:

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.58.10

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Mobile Posting is back – live from Miami Beach

I used to enjoy posting pictures from my mobile devices, and I’m not afraid to admit that I was very sad when this feature stopped working. One day – as if by magic – I could no longer upload pictures from anything mobile to this site. Well those days are finally over and I’m extremely …

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Half Spoon Sugar

Even though this packet of sugar claims it’s OK for another two years at least, it has “Made in 1965” written all over it. I took this picture with the iPad camera in bright sunlight and then added a Rich Lauren effect via Classic Toy. I liked it so much that I did it AGAIN …

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iPad – WiFi tethered vs native 3G Connection Test

When I first bout my iPad I went for the cheap and cheerful approach: Who needs 3G when you have an unlimited data plan on your phone?

You can use a tethering app to create a WiFi Hotspot everywhere and use your WiFi iPad at much lower cost than shilling out on the extra 3G functionality and a separate data plan.

Those were my thoughts. Within the first week I was already missing the 3G I’ve come to love from my Kindle: mental freedom, access the web anywhere I am, from a park bench to a train. Still, I had my trusty Nokia N900 phone and the Joiku Hotspot app to make it work in theory.

There are however practical issues I hadn’t anticipated like very limited battery life on my phone and much lower connection speeds. Consequently I’ve upgraded to the 3G version and in hindsight wish I had bought that one in the first place.

In this article I’ll show you some tests that compare the connection speed between my tethered connection and the built in 3G connection. The results are surprising!

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Fake Polaroid Portrait

I’ve shot this with the Retro Cam app, consequently used to yearbook myself (see previous post). I find it remarkable to see how much this picture looks like an actual Polaroid: look at the sightly discoloured edges around the picture, this is what happens when the developer paste can’t squeeze underneath the white foil. It’s …

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I’ve yearbooked myself

My colleagues at MTV have shown me this app over a year ago and I just remembered it. Now that I’m on the iSide I can finally start exploring all the crazy goodies people have been talking about for years.

This venture started with a picture I took on the iPad using Retro Camera, and app that I’ll talk about in detail another time. It just happened to be in my camera roll, so I used it in Yearbookyourself.

You can adjust the rotation and contrast of the picture and preview it live, tweaking until you’re happy. How many people’s yearbooks have they been through I wonder? And what do the people think whose faces have been photoshopped out?

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Woody with Sprockets

Here’s a picture of Woody with his pink scarf. We discovered the Urbian Retro Cam app yesterday – I particularly love the sprockets it puts in the picture, you get this when you shoot in Pinhole mode.

Art Deco, Harinezumi and Photoshop Express

Fascinating stuff: on my journey back from MiamiBeach a couple of weeks ago I played with some of the apps on my iPad.

I had already invested into the camera connection kit and imported several photos from my Harinezumi’s memory card not the iPad. Then I had a play in Adobe’s free Photoshop Express App and was amazed by then results.

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