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The Message in a Watermelon and Sunglasses

I’ve shot some video with my Harinezumi camera when we were in Miami a few weeks ago, and I finally got round to editing it. Julia even dusted off my old electric piano so I could give it a personal soundtrack too.

This video has a bit of a story which I’ll explain below – it has to do with a watermelon I found one morning at the beach. It was battling against the tide so I stepped out and rescued it.

Turns out it there was a MESSAGE inside…

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Art Deco, Harinezumi and Photoshop Express

Fascinating stuff: on my journey back from MiamiBeach a couple of weeks ago I played with some of the apps on my iPad.

I had already invested into the camera connection kit and imported several photos from my Harinezumi’s memory card not the iPad. Then I had a play in Adobe’s free Photoshop Express App and was amazed by then results.

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