The Message in a Watermelon and Sunglasses

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I’ve shot some video with my Harinezumi camera when we were in Miami a few weeks ago, and I finally got round to editing it. Julia even dusted off my old electric piano so I could give it a personal soundtrack too.

This video has a bit of a story which I’ll explain below – it has to do with a watermelon I found one morning at the beach. It was battling against the tide so I stepped out and rescued it.

Turns out it there was a MESSAGE inside…

So here’s the Story

One day we went swimming in the ocean (daily routine, as you do) and because it was at midday the sun was so bright that I decided to wear my sunglasses in the water. I usually never wear these things but that day I thought I would. They are nothing fancy, bought for $20 at Walgreens a few years ago, yet I’m fond of them.

The waves kept splashing at me so the inevitable happened and washed them off my face. No more Walgreens shades for me.

Julia was adamant that we could find them, and as much as I would have liked to think that I felt it better to say goodbye mentally and get on with my life. To my surprise, and only minutes later Julia had found them, several meters away from where they had been launched away from me. How exciting! I was so happy and decided I must take better care of them.

Moments later the same thing happened again: a wave took them into the angry sea.

If the impossible is in fact possible, and if our thoughts do indeed create the universe we observe, then it would be easy for me to create a reality where I would find those glasses again – just like we did a minute ago. I strongly believe this was a test, or somewhat a demonstration of was could be possible if I were to believe in it.

Let me tell you how strong and tall those waves were, it was truly a needle in a haystack type search and rescue mission.

But what can I tell you? Moments later, with a mixture of being genuinely OK with not finding my sunglasses, as well as knowing that I would – I FOUND them one more time. This was a remarkable experience and a wonderful day.

The Morning after Veteran’s Day Weekend

The next morning just before sunrise, I took a walk on the beach at Ocean Terrace, only a stone’s throw away from the hotel. The homeless guy who lives in his camp on the beach was just going for his first swim of the new day, and an Argentinian lady and her husband were collecting empty cans in an old shopping trolley.

I sat and watched the ocean which is always a great source of inspiration for me before taking a slow wander to the water. Half buried in the sand something was sticking out, like a piece of metal with some dark plastic attached. Nosy as I am I had a closer look.

It was a pair of sunglasses.

Really nice ones too, with a graduation density filter and a pink tint – paints everything I look at in a great light. And they’re just my size too!

Make of it what you wish, but for me this was a total revelation. This was the universe speaking to me.

Message in a Watermelon

Full of thoughts about this incident, and full of inspiration I walked a bit further up the beach, still by the water, when I discovered something else. At first I thought it was a small football, but then I discivered that bobbing up and down in the sea, pushed and pulled by the waves was a small watermelon.

I thought maybe this is another message, along the lines of the sunglasses experience I’ve just been given. I steped in and grabbed the melon, even though that wasn’t easy. The ocean was thinking of pulling it back out, but I got it.

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