That Friday Feeling

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OK let’s see here, what’s going on in my life right now:

  • Broadcast Magazine are threatening legal action against me over my non-profit project Broadcast News
  • Speaking of which, ever since they called me last Friday the site keeps crashing twice a day
  • My Betacam SP machine got damaged on its way from London to Florida, needless to say my client is less than happy and demands a full refund
  • The penultimate Premier League Day is lurking on the horizon tomorrow
  • I’ve not done ANY Christmas shopping, nor am I anywhere near “that Christmas spirit” I keep hearing so much about
  • And the days keep getting shorter for another 3 whole weeks

Impressive indeed that I’m not completely depressed in a pub by now, and in fact find the energy to devise a new project (HARRY – my new Xtranormal animation series). I even work 4 days a week on top of all that!

But there are much brighter tales to tell: for example it’s SUNNY outside. I had forgotten how important sunlight is to my wellbeing, and at this time every year I feel reminded why I want to move to the Caribbean for winter. I also ask myself every year WHY I’m not working on this plan for the future.

Decided it’s time to REMIND myself that I’ve already been there this year by looking into a big box of undeveloped Holga films. It’s time for action!

Today I will be developing some rolls from our trip to Key West in July, will to plenty of scanning and some printing.

I’m also working on a “Best Of Holga 2009” album. It’s a square faux leather bound thing that can take 30 pictures, all 12×12”. I’ve got several contestants to put in already, and while that film is drying in the bathroom, I’ll have a look for some more shots that are already on my hard drive.

On top of that, I really need to figure out why one of my servers keeps crashing (it’s Hubert, not Verslpzy). It affects my clients, and my wellbeing. Apart from a re-boot, I’ll put a system in place to read out logs easily via Shell Commands on my site.

That’ll be fun! Or will it?

All new HARRY coming up next – stay tuned!

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