The Hank and Greta Recipes for Genesis 9

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Now that the Head and Body shapes have been released for Genesis 9, I thought I’d let you have the complete “character recipes” as it were for the two custom figures I’ve built on stream over the last month. Hand and Greta were a fun project, particularly because I feel we’ve made them together.

Here are screenshots of the “currently used” parameters. Note that some of them will dial in automatically as they’re controlled by other sliders, so if something moves automatically, that’ll be why. Some dials are posing controls, feel free to dial them out if you don’t need them.

Hank 9

Greta 9

I’ve made the Remove Jowls morph in ZBrush to smooth out the area underneath hear face, which was a little distorted due to the 150% Face Older morph, so that one won’t be available.


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