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I found this post by my wonderful nutritionist Julie Rothenberg in Instagram this month. It struck a chord in me about awareness and helped me through a day on which I felt angry and aggravated. I really didn’t want to feel that way, so I thought about why this was happening – and I realised that on that particular busy day, what was missing was some valuable “me time”. 

I was rushing from one appointment to the next, and I didn’t factor in enough time to just sit and be. I remembered Julie’s post and her experience about having breakfast in a rush while standing up. Only by slowing down and spending time with ourselves can we actually listen to what we need. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Julie!

My new friend and 3D content creator Biscuits was an inspiring force this month behind my latest 3D product SOUL REFLECTIONS for DAZ Studio. Her question lead to several new videos and something even more valuable: inspiration. Thanks for your support, Biscuits!

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