Directory Structure of a Poser Runtime

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Poser is a tad – shall we say – pernickety about where it allows you to save files if you’d like them to appear in the Library. You can save files anywhere on your system of course, using the options in the File Menu, but Poser can also save files into the Library with the little plus icon. This requires a Runtime folder structure.

By default Poser sets up two for us: Poser Content and Downloads. To create others, specifically empty ones for our own content, we need to create a specific folder hierarchy so that Poser recognises this as a Runtime. Here’s how to do it:

  • create a folder with the name you’d like it to be displayed as (say Your Scenes)
  • in this folder, create a new folder called runtime
  • inside the runtime folder, create the following three folders:
  • Geometries
  • libraries
  • textures


And that’s your Runtime Structure. Capitalisation is (or once was) important here. Poser will create other folders in this structure when necessary, as does content from 3D marketplaces.

To add your new Runtime to Poser, click that little “plus icon with a running man in a folder” type button in your Library palette. Now you can select it, just like the Poser Content and Downloads runtimes.

To remove it, select your runtime (make sure the drop down does not read <All>), then click the “minus icon with a running man in a folder” icon. Your actual folder will remain in place, but it no longer shows up in Poser.

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3 thoughts on “Directory Structure of a Poser Runtime”

  1. I created this batch file that automates this for Poser 2014 and Win7

    @echo off
    md “%localappdata%\My Poser”

    set /p thePath=Name of the runtime folder to create (like Scene1):

    echo %thePath%

    md “%localappdata%\My Poser\%thePath%”

    md “%localappdata%\My Poser\%thePath%\runtime”
    md “%localappdata%\My Poser\%thePath%\runtime\Geometries”
    md “%localappdata%\My Poser\%thePath%\runtime\textures”
    md “%localappdata%\My Poser\%thePath%\runtime\libraries”

    echo The path has been created.
    echo “%localappdata%\My Poser\%thePath%\”



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