Navigating 3D Space in Marvelous Designer

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Sometimes it’s the simple things they don’t to tell you about in the brochure:


With the trackpad, move two fingers up or down, much like you would scroll a web page up or down.

With an Intuos Tablet, hold the lower button down (right-click), then drag the pen.


Hold ALT/OPT and drag the pen, or drag with one finger held down on the trackpad.


Same as in ZBrush: With the trackpad, drag with two fingers held down. With an Intuos Tablet, hold the lower button down (right-click), then hover.

The avatar is always in the centre, no matter what is selected.


Where’s the User Manual?

At the time of writing, the Marvelous Designer 4 manual is here:

If you need a PDF or Word version of the current page, click on the Tools option at the top right. Sadly this won’t compile a full manual for us:

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In case you’re confused about the word Confluence at the top of the screen (like I am): it’s the content management system they use to write the manual. It is not a reference to the Marvellous Designer product or a feature.

This should probably be replaced with the company’s logo at some point…

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