How to control the walk speed of a Character in Unreal Engine

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If our AI controlled foes might chase us a little bit too fast, there’s a way to slow them down or speed them up. The value we need to set is called Max Walk Speed.

To get access to this node, start by getting a reference to Character Movement. Then drag off that to get the Max Walk Speed node.

In the EPIC templates, the maximum walk speed is set to 375, which is the running character. It works well with the default animation. 100 is regular walk speed, 0 means the character is standing still and not moving.

Max Walk Speed works on any character, including the main player. Variations of this node include Max Walk Speed Crouched and Min Analogue Walk Speed.

In Class Defaults

Many of these settings are exposed in the Details Panel in your character blueprint. Make sure to select the (inherited) Character Movement component on the left to see the plethora of options appear on the right.

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