Sad and scary #Fashion Victim

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3 thoughts on “Sad and scary #Fashion Victim”

  1. I love photography and I’m a beginner I was just wondering if with the delta 3200 film if a flash would still be required at night despite the fact that its made for low light settings??

    • Hi there,

      That’s a tricky one – it depends on what you’re shooting, how far away it is and how dark it is at the same time.

      Imagine a theatre, even though it looks rather bright you could shoot the action on stage with 3200 ISO without flash probably, I’d say at 1/125th or slower.

      If it’s indoors at a party where people are pretty close to you, 3200 won’t be enough at that shutter speed… but when you use flash in that setting you risk blowing people’s faces out (unless your camera does a good TTL measurement). In that case, use flash with a 400 or 800 film.

      Outdoors at night for buildings or people 3200 is good, but you’re looking at a few seconds of exposure.

      Hope this helps 😉


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