Walker's Salt & Vinegar (2007)

Walker's Salt & Vinegar (2007)

Doesn’t go down to well in Europe this flavour… much better that Fish and Chip Flavour (coming soon).

Can burn the inside of your mouth when consumed too much.

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2 thoughts on “Walker's Salt & Vinegar (2007)

  1. Hi! ; Well i left in Liverpool and now i´m return to Argentina and I miss the salt & vinegar chip, do you know any form to buy this chips in my country?? please help me! xoxox

    1. I’m afraid not – I suppose eBay is your best bet.

      However, you can recreate the flavour by buying some chips (as in potato fries) and sprinkling them with malt vinegar, then add salt. That’s how the craze started many years ago in the UK 😉

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