Cycling Diary 2009

The year is coming to an end rather quickly, and so is the life of the battery powering my Giant Axact 13w cycling computer. Before it loses all its settings, I thought this is the perfect time to put them somewhere safe. Like the internet. This year, I’ve clocked up the following mileage. Keep in …

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YouTube has invited me to make some cash… but it’s a gamble!

Here’s a funny one…

I made this video on Xbox drive noise over a year ago. It has now had 55.000 views and 129 ratings on YouTube. Out of a sudden YouTube are inviting me to cash in on it.

It means that they’re eager to display adverts in the video and on the page. I can apply for this particular video only, and it won’t affect any of my other 130 videos in my account.

But here’s the snag:

if YouTube REJECT my application, the video and all its 462 comments video responses will be DELETED forever!

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Harry’s Birthday

It’s Harry’s Birthday next week, so it’s time for a massive party with all his mates. Or is it?

That Friday Feeling

OK let’s see here, what’s going on in my life right now:

  • Broadcast Magazine are threatening legal action against me over my non-profit project Broadcast News
  • Speaking of which, ever since they called me last Friday the site keeps crashing twice a day
  • My Betacam SP machine got damaged on its way from London to Florida, needless to say my client is less than happy and demands a full refund
  • The penultimate Premier League Day is lurking on the horizon tomorrow
  • I’ve not done ANY Christmas shopping, nor am I anywhere near “that Christmas spirit” I keep hearing so much about
  • And the days keep getting shorter for another 3 whole weeks

Impressive indeed that I’m not completely depressed in a pub by now, and in fact find the energy to devise a new project (HARRY – my new Xtranormal animation series). I even work 4 days a week on top of all that!

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Harry on Dreams

Harry wakes up from what he believes to be a nightmare. But was it? All new HARRY – weekdays at 9/8c on – brought to you by Xtranormal.

Harry on Meeting People

From my brand new xtranormal series HARRY. In this episode, Harry realises that leaving his flat isn’t as easy as it sounds. It took meabout 30mins to create this from start to finish using Xtranormal’s text-to-movie technology. It’s absolutely awesome! Create dialogue, add camera angles and expressions, then click to share on YouTube or other …

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Booking an Audio Session: Wicked Wicked Creative!

This is my absolute favourite YouTube Clip of the year: Booking an Audio Session. Anyone working in the broadcast industry will appreciate the bitter truth here. It describes some of the clients we have to deal with to a T! Not only do I appreciate how funny this clip is, I am also excited about …

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