Sony DVP NS-318 Multiregion Hack

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I picked up a new Sony DVP NS-318 DVD player from Comet the other day. It’s a really nice machine, and my old Phillips annoyed silly me with random pauses and error messages.

Not having done any research before we spontaneously bought it, I was sure of an easy multiregion hack out there somewhere. Well there wasn’t – all we found were tips from people about a “special factory remote” for this model, or codes that weren’t working. We even found a site that offers to HIRE you a remote for £25… ouch!

But guess what: my wife Julia did some frantic googling, remote hacking and experimenting, and with a little help courtesy of AusPayTV came up with the following instructions on how to turn your new Sony DVP NS-318 into a fully fledged multiregion machine.

Please note that you need a One for All remote for this, we used the URC 8305 Kameleon. It’s likely that this will work with other One for All’s, but obviously we’ve only tested this with the one above. Make sure you can operate your DVD player according to the One for All’s instructions. Then, get ready for some magic.

Here’s what you do:

  • Turn On the unit with the remote controller
  • Wait until “no disc” appears in the unit’s display
  • Press Pause, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9
  • Within five seconds, press the key that corresponds to the zone you want i.e. 0 for region free, 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2 and so on
  • Again, within 5 seconds, press Pause and Power

The funny thing is that your DVD Player will not give you any feedback while you’re doing this. You have to put a disc in to see if it’s worked – I was gobsmacked when it did and am now eternally happy for a really good very cheap multiregion machine.

You can get the One for All URC 8305 from Amazon (see above and below), together with that ravishing slimline DVD player.

Good luck (but remember, you do this at your own risk – I guarantee nothing!)

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5 thoughts on “Sony DVP NS-318 Multiregion Hack”

  1. Jay;
    Thanks very much for the info. above.
    If I borrow the relevant remote,and your instructions work,would the player then be able to recognise various region discs after the first time ?
    Or would I need to buy a handset ?
    Keep up the good work Dude.

    • Hi Brian,

      once it’s set – it’s set. I’m currently playing Region 1 and Region 2 discs on mine, and he never complains.

      Some R1 discs he still doesn’t want to play, like Frasier Season 10. I’m not sure what’s so special about that very box set, maybe it’s a special kind of copy protection (like RCE).

      We’ve bought our remote from – not too shabby at £17.99, and now that it’s done its deed, it’s a nice all-in-one remote.

      Good luck!

  2. may i ask why it has to be from a universal remote? did you try it from the actual remote that came with the player?

    • This being three years ago I have to admit that I don’t remember. I’m sure it didn’t work at the time, but don’t ask me why – there was a reason why the universal remote was involved…


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