How to remove the Streaming Pool warning in Unreal Engine

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Do you ever get tired of Unreal Engine screaming at you about the Texture Streaming Pool being over budget? I don’t even know what it means or why it doesn’t solve this automatically. Usually I just ignore it, or type DisableAllScreenMessages in the console and move on with my day.

Thankfully there is a fix though, and I thank my friend Horizon Dolls for bringing this to my attention. Here’s what we need to type into the console:

r.Streaming.PoolSize = "3000"

What does this do? Apparently it gives UE more memory to allocate for switching out texture mipmaps if your system memory allows it. Nick explains it much better than I can over here.

Note that the above change is temporary for the current editor session. To make this permanent, find your project’s DefaultEngine.ini file and add that line under the [/Script/Engine.RendererSettings] section. This has to be done on a per-project basis.

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