Miami Beach Hut Project, Day 1

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We’ve used our first day to recce and acclimatise (it is a 5 hour time shift you know), and even though temperatures are over 30 degrees, we had a long day and made the most of it. Plenty of pictures in the can, including digitals, Holga shots and Dianaramas.

There’s only one slight problem with the project (see above): the days aren’t as long now than they were when we went last year. Which means, there’s less time for the sun to come through the clouds in the morning, so it’s less time to take pictures before it gets busy on the beach. We’re running into cluttered scenes caused by the hotels putting deck chairs and umbrellas into place. Not good!

Thanks to Julia’s brainflash, we’ve decided to take the beach hut pictures in the afternoon sun from 4pm onwards, rather than early in the mornings as planned. Although this means more incidental people and general business in the pictures, it looks like it’ll work well due to its organic look and much better colours.

I’m shooting this with my Canon EOS 1Ds and Pink Holga.

We could run into heavy cloud cover due to hurricane season, but some good test shots today confirmed that it can be done. Tomorrow the first “real work day” begins, so keep your fingers crossed for a rain and cloud free two weeks in South Beach.

Beach Huts aren’t the only project we’re working on over here. This place is a sheer goldmine for Fashion Victims, with all kinds of mannequins in every shop window. Most of them have heads and hair, which is precisely what we want for this series.

Diana+ meanwhile has been assiged the task of “dedicated panorama camera”, so I can think panoramic everywhere I go. A new series is emerging already: Art Decoramas, featuring some stunning abstract architecture against a clear blue sky.

Julia is working on her Rooftops series, and again this place gives us plenty to work with. Other than that, the Holgas are taking plenty of Street Signs and urban shots. When there’s light, there’s a potential for instant art.

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