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It’s my first Etch-A-Sketch Masterpiece in Decades!

We were passing through a service station in Beaconsfield very late yesterday and spent a spontaneous night at the Etap Hotel. It’s connected via a walkway to a 24hr neon world of McDonald’s, Starbuck’s and an Arcade featurung Outrun 2. It felt just like Vegas! We discovered a Pocket Etch-A-Sketch at WH Smith, and I …

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Going Home

After an eventful 2 weeks in the Sunshine State, we’re hopping on the next plane outta here and coming home. We’ve had enough now. After all, it wasn’t just a holiday, it was hard work. I haven’t counted the amount of pictures we shot, but we’re going home with roughly 10GB of digital data and …

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Miami Beach Huts Project, Day 7

To say it in the words of the deceased King of Pop: THIS IS IT! Ahead of schedule, we’ve finished the entire run of Lifeguard Towers on Miami Beach today, from South Pointe to Bal Harbour. We’ve covered the longest stretch today so far, after yet another beautiful 5am start. Sunrise over the ocean is …

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Miami Beach Hut Project, Day 4

We were just reminiscing over breakfast at Paul’s on Drexel: it’s going really well here down south. Even with the occasional thick cloud cover and scary thunderstorm, we managed to cover a long stretch between 15th and 46th street over the last couple of days. This means of course getting up at 6 or earlier, …

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#Holga Hospital

I’ve just finished modding my last three Holgas, that’s five in total. All my funky little darlings now boast a flocked interior and a switchable aperture. I’ve been busy shooting several new projects, including Urban Decay and Fashion Victims. Watch this space for a serious Holga Overindulgence, coming very soon!

Chiswick Eyot

On my lunch break, I went out to recce the Chiswick surroundings by the river. I expected to find all kinds of rickety old mansions and funky houses. Instead, the very low tide on the Thames caught my attraction, with a path leading to what’s known as Chiswick Eyot: I remember discovering this years …

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