It’s my first Etch-A-Sketch Masterpiece in Decades!

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We were passing through a service station in Beaconsfield very late yesterday and spent a spontaneous night at the Etap Hotel. It’s connected via a walkway to a 24hr neon world of McDonald’s, Starbuck’s and an Arcade featurung Outrun 2. It felt just like Vegas!

We discovered a Pocket Etch-A-Sketch at WH Smith, and I was immediately ported back to my childhood days. Hoping my wife would talk me out of it, she said that’s a great idea and bought it for me. Now I’m hooked!

Featurung the same ingredients as back in the seventies, and of course the same impossible drawing technique, I love playing with it. Now I have the added benefit of sending my creations via mobile uploads to this site and immortalise them. Sweet!

Here’s the first of (possibly many other) weird and wonderful lineographic masterpieces entitled “Dude” from my brand new high tech gadet! Enjoy…

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